Training Services

Fraud Business Solutions will offer training services to businesses that can be undertaken either in the offices of the business or collectively with other businesses using conference facilities.  

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Fraud-Risk Reviews

The main work undertaken will be to perform a risk assessment of the business, identify key fraud risks and review the controls that are in place to establish the potential likelihood and impact of fraud on the company.

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Investigation Services

Fraud Business Solutions will undertake internal investigations on behalf of its clients to maintain an independent and factual reliance around the
investigation process.  

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General Consultancy

In addition to our other services, Fraud Business Solutions, will offer and seek contract work with companies who require specialist fraud-related consultancy work to be undertaken on site for extended periods.

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About Our Company

Fraud Business Solutions is an Irish registered company whose fundamental operation is to provide a suite of advisory and investigatory related products that are effective to any company’s fraud strategy approach, which will, in turn, assist in the strategic development of that company. The current product offering range from general consultancy/ contractual work to one-on-one or multiple training seminars/events.

Michael Fitzgerald

  • Fact Finding Interviews
  • Formal investigations
  • Internal investigations
  • Audio Interviews
  • Witness statements
  • Whistleblowing Investigations
  • Factually based reports relating to investigations
  • Staff Awareness Workshops
  • Fraud Risk Assessments
  • External Conference Speaker
  • Expert Witness
  • Production of Policy and Procedures
  • Strategic fraud engagements
  • Board position

Quick Facts


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