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October 19, 2017
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November 13, 2017
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If an allegation of fraud was made against someone in your company, how satisfied would you be that you can investigate the matter with the suitable resources, and that the matter is being conducted in an independent and transparent manner so that there is confidence of limited challenge in a tribunal or court of law at a later date?  Conducting an Internal Investigation does not simply mean getting to the truth and patting yourself on the back as a result of this, there is an A-Z of requirements that should be followed, which should also be supported by a framework for investigations. The question that also needs to be raised by you, is whether you have a department or suitably qualified number of resources to undertake such investigations. Can your company afford to appear in a court or tribunal as a result of poor investigation management?

If you have any doubts, Fraud Business Solutions can provide thorough in house or off site training in the area of Internal Investigations, that will cover the actions in the first 24 hours plus what to do going forward, ensuring objectives of investigation action planning are achieved, evidence and searches and undertaken correctly,  witnesses  are identified,  reports are prepared in a factual manner and post investigation work that is also undertaken such as a control weakness review.

If you would like to avoid the pitfalls associated to internal investigations, please feel free to contact us in more detail our training will cover:

Initiation of an Investigation

Who should know about the investigation

Planning of an Investigation

Understanding what evidence looks like and how it can be secured and obtained

Preparing for an interview and types of interview too be undertaken, witness and suspect

Recognising an employee’s legal rights as part of the end to end investigation process

How to validate and evaluate the information prior to closure of an investigation

Understand what an investigation report looks like

Post investigation work.


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