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Fraud Business Solutions is an Irish registered company whose fundamental operation is to provide a suite of advisory and investigatory related products that are effective to any company’s fraud strategy approach, which will, in turn, assist in the strategic development of that company. The current product offering range from general consultancy/ contractual work to one-on-one or multiple training seminars/events.

Training Services/Seminars

FBS will offer training services to businesses that can be undertaken either in the offices of the business or collectively with other businesses using conference facilities. The range of training can be tailored/ dictated by the clients for their own specific needs; for example, if the specific focus of the business is to understand how to perform investigation interviews then there will be a concentration and consideration if this.

The general training modules on offer are:

Corporate Governance/ Principles of best practice

Investigation methods & objectives -legal considerations

Undertaking fraud risk assessments within day-to-day audit/business work

Effective use of business controls to reduce fraud

A positive feature of the services is that pricing will be reduced if training is performed within the companies’ premises. The benefits to the company in taking this approach are that one to one training is offered and tailored according to the trainee’s requirements. Follow-up training/ action plans are available to assess the effectiveness of the training. There is always the option to undertake collective training off-site with other companies; this will, of course, provide the trainee with networking opportunities with other companies.

Fraud Risk Reviews

Upon request of the companies, FBS will attend the offices of the business to provide an assessment of the companies’ fraud-related business activities. Attendance and duration will vary depending on the size of the company and any specific requests made by the company.

The main work undertaken will be to perform a risk assessment of the business, identify key fraud risks and review the controls that are in place to establish the potential likelihood and impact of fraud on the company.

FBS will provide a summary report to the business with a strategy for improvement and prioritise the recommendations of the risks identified. The benefit of this service will be the assistance of companies who have audit or risk functions who do yet consider fraud within their business assessment programmes.

Investigation Services

FBS will undertake internal investigations on behalf of its clients to maintain an independent and factual reliance around the investigation process. On conclusion of the investigation FBS will produce a report that will enable the client to determine if any action needs to be taken with the individual(s) subject of the work FBS are engaged upon. Where appropriate, FBS will represent their clients during employment tribunal or court proceedings.

General Consultancy Services

In addition to our other services, Fraud Business Solutions, will offer and seek contract work with companies who require specialist fraud-related consultancy work to be undertaken on site for extended periods. This work could include assessment, investigation and/or general advice.

An additional service would be to write and produce fraud-related strategy plans and procedures. This service would be considered additional to fraud risk reviews.

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